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Sign up I cannot find a type of occupation I want in the list of desired type of occupation. Can I still apply for technical intern training? Technical intern trainees are expected to pass the National Trade Skills Test after one-year training (Technical Intern Training (i)) and have another two-year technical training (Technical Intern Training (ii)).
To transfer to Technical Intern Training (ii), trainees must perform the same work at the same company where they had 1st-year training. In addition, the occupational/work types are limited to those listed in Approved Occupations for Technical Intern Training (ii).
If you prefer some other occupational/work type, you will perform only Technical Intern Training (i) (duration of the Status of Residence: one year or six month) and return to your country.
Please be advised that you cannot be accepted for occupation/work of which you have no previous experience since the qualification requirements include "You must have previous experience of the same occupation/work as the technical intern training you will have in Japan."
Sign up Is there no sales or service staff work in Approved Occupations for Technical Intern Training (ii)? Under the technical intern training program, trainees learn technical skills at production sites. Trainees are not accepted for such types of occupation as sales or service staff in service sector.
Sign up My accepting company has not been decided. Do I still need to choose a sending organization? Information you register is translated into Japanese by your sending organization. Therefore, if you do not have a sending organization to translate your registered information, Japanese companies cannot have a look at your information.
Furthermore, technical intern training applications are made through sending organizations, which means those who are undecided on their sending organization cannot participate in an interview with a Japanese company.
Sign up Can I change the sending organization that I chose? Yes. Log in to Management Page and change your sending organization from "Edit Registered Information 2" at "Edit Registered Information (local language)."
Please do not forget, as a matter or courtesy, to contact your previous and new sending organizations and let them know that you made a change via phone or email.
Sign up If I am chosen as a technical intern trainee, how much do I have to pay the sending organization before leaving for Japan? Please refer to "Breakdown of Costs Payable by Trainee" posted at each sending organization's page.
The breakdown and total amount of fees for 3-month lectures before leaving for Japan and travel expenses are shown.
Please use the information as a reference when choosing your sending organization.
Sign up My staff information page has been translated into Japanese. Can I add to my "Self-Promotion"? Contact the sending organization and follow their instructions.
We cannot guarantee you that modifications can be made after translated into Japanese.
Please make sure that you complete all sections when you register.
Sign up After I registered with this site, I got a job at a local company. How can I cancel my membership? Log in to the Management Page and cancel your membership at "Cancellation" page.
Sign up I worked in Japan for three years as a technical intern trainee before. Can I apply for technical intern training again? Those who worked in Japan as technical intern trainees in the field of construction and returned to their country more than one year ago can work in Japan as technical intern trainees again for up to three years.
This is a temporary measure for a limited time from April 2015 to 2020 and available only in the field of construction.
Job Information Can I directly apply to an accepting company based on Japanese Employment Opportunities? Applicants are not allowed to directly contact a Japanese accepting company via email or phone.
For inquiries or application, please first contact your sending organization.
Job Information I have been chosen as a technical intern trainee and leaving for Japan.
But the sending organization told me to pay out a large deposit. What should I do?
Japanese law bans sending organizations from taking deposits or forcing applicants to sign an unreasonable contract. In such a case, please send detailed information to the Secretariat via Contact Form.
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