Information on New Member Registration

Asians' Powers is an online system developed to facilitate the staff matching for technical intern trainees,
and its features include: registering/viewing staff information; registering/viewing employment opportunities; and requesting interviews, etc.
Upon successful registration, members will have access to a wide variety of information and staff matching functions provided by Asians' Powers.

Types of Members Eligibility for Membership Advantages Fee
Member Applicant

Young workers who have a will to work as a technical intern trainee at a Japanese company under the Technical Intern Training Program.

1) You can register as a member using your PC or smartphone (in your language).

2) You will have access to all the information on the employment opportunities posted by Japanese accepting companies.

3) You will have access to the information on sending organizations, which can be used as a reference when you choose your sending organization.

Free of charge

New Member Registration

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