Sending Organization Information

What is Authorized Sending Organization?

Under the Technical Intern Training Program, The "sending organizations" play a very important role in looking for technical intern trainees in their country and acting as intermediary between the applicants and Japanese supervising organizations/accepting companies.
The Government of each country is in charge of supervising the sending organizations that they authorize to send technical intern trainees to Japan. However, in reality, there are sending organizations that send trainees overseas without being authorized by their Government.
Accepting trainees from such organizations could result in failure to secure willing cooperation from the trainees' Government (incl. Embassy) when problems arise. It is also possible that such organizations may not be recognized as a partner organization when submitting notifications/applications for permission to operate as an employment agency.

The Asians’ Powers have entered into an agreement with only sending organizations recommended by overseas Governments and entrust them to send trainees to Japan.

Authorized Sending Organizations in Each Country

Country No. of Authorized Sending Organizations on Asians' Powers
China 0
Vietnam 9
Indonesia 0
Philippines 2
Myanmar 0
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