Business summary

Description of Business
Through the management of "Asians' Powers," the staff matching website for the Technical Intern Training Program, we aim to provide support for business administration by facilitating the use of international human resources and people-to-people exchange.
  1. Research on information service of international human resources.
  2. PR activities for the use of international human resources.
  3. Expression of opinion on international human resources.
  4. Operational management of the website providing staff information.
  5. Management consulting.
  6. Administrative agency.
Outline of Organization  
Association name International Business Association
Address 7-110 Hanajirikikyouchou, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Date Founded January 28, 2015
Director Representative Director: Satoshi Tanaka
Management Support Okayama Accepting Organizations Council for Technical Intern Trainee  WebOne Inc.
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