What is Technical Intern Training Program?

Technical Intern Training Program

Technical Intern Training Program is intended to accept young workers from China and other Southeast Asian countries as Technical Intern Trainees and provide training in technical skills, technology, knowledge (Skills) for them under the employment relationship for a maximum period of three years.
After returning home, Technical Intern Trainees are expected to work for the strengthening of technological capabilities and quality improvement and contribute to the development of their countries' industries through the utilization of Skills and know-how acquired in Japan.

Acceptance Method

There are two types to accept Technical Intern Trainees: Individual Enterprise Type and Supervising Organization Type.
Under the Supervising Organization Type which is recommended for small and medium sized businesses, companies accept Technical Intern Trainees through authorized non-profit organizations (Supervising Organizations) and provide technical training.

Change of Status of Residence

Technical Intern Trainees enter Japan with their status of residence "Technical Intern Training (i)" and receive lectures on Japanese language and general knowledge regarding everyday life in Japan from their Supervising Organizations for one to two months. Then, they enter into an employment relationship with their accepting companies to receive practical technical training of Skills.
One year after coming to Japan, Technical Intern Trainees may change their Status of Residence to "Technical Intern Training (ii)" if they are certified to have acquired a certain standard of Skills by evaluation examinations based on the National Trade Skills Test or the public evaluation system approved by JITCO in order to perform technical training for another two years.
"Technical Intern Training (ii)" shall conduct activities which place Technical Intern Trainees in work that requires the relevant Skills at the relevant Implementing Organization in order to reinforce Skills acquired in "Technical Intern Training (i)." Therefore, for transfer to "Technical Intern Training (ii)," please be sure that the occupations/work types of Technical Intern Trainees are included in "Target transfer occupations for Technical Intern Training (ii)"in advance.

For detailed information about "Technical Intern Training," please refer to the JITCO (Japan International Training Cooperation Organization) website.