Occupation and Work for Technical Intern Training

Occupations and Work Types for "Technical Intern Training (i)"

Requirements for application for "Technical Intern Training (i)" are as follows. Although there are no restrictions on the scope of occupations/work types, simple tasks are not allowed.
Please be advised that if your work is not included in "Target transfer occupations for Technical Intern Training (ii)", you are required to return home after the completion of technical training before your Duration of Residence (maximum of one year) expires.

  • 1. Skills to be acquired are not simple tasks.
  • 2. The Technical Intern Trainee is 18 years of age or over and is scheduled to be employed in work which makes use of the Skills acquired in Japan after he/she returns to his/her home country.
  • 3. The Skills to be acquired in Japan are difficult to acquire in the Technical Intern Trainee's home country.
  • 4. The Technical Intern Trainee has been recommended by the local government, etc., of his/her home country.
  • 5. The Technical Intern Trainee has experience working in the same type of work as the technical training to be received in Japan.
  • 6. Sending Organizations (organizations which send, etc., Technical Intern Trainees overseas), Supervising Organizations, Implementing Organizations, etc., do not receive payments such as deposits from the Technical Intern Trainee (including family members, etc.). In addition, contracts, etc., that prescribe monetary penalties for the non-performance of labour agreements must not be executed with the Technical Intern Trainee.
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Occupations and Work Types for "Technical Intern Training (ii)"

"Technical Intern Training (ii)" should be activities intended to reinforce the skills acquired in "Technical Intern Training (i)." Therefore, trainees are not allowed to change their occupation/work type when transferring from "Technical Intern Training (i)" to "Technical Intern Training (ii)."
There are a total of 74 occupations and 133 work types after combining the occupations and work types of the National Trade Skills Test based on the Human Resource Development Promotion Act and the occupations and work types based on the public evaluation system approved by JITCO as specified in "Target transfer occupations for Technical Intern Training (ii)" and those who conducted activities in other occupations/work types are not allowed to transfer to "Technical Intern Training (ii).
Please note that the requirements for transfer to "Technical Intern Training (ii)" include "Technical Intern Trainees have passed National Trade Skills Test Basic Grade 2 and other equivalent tests and examinations."

For detailed information about the target occupations and work types, please refer to the JITCO (Japan International Training Cooperation Organization) website.